Ok, try to follow closely because this can get complicated. When the powers who be at Brown Brothers were scouting talent for The Co-Op, we saw, among others, vibist Warren Wolf, bassist Derrick Hodge, trumpeter Jeremy Pelt, drummer Kendrick Scott and Steve Wilson on sax. Pelt, Scott, Wolf and Hodge participated in The Co-Op. Wilson did not.   During the intervening years between said scouting and the slow roll which is The Co-Op release, one of the Brothers, along with BBR sound guru Steve Mandel, saw the need for a new label devoted to exclusively vinyl releases, with high art photography packaging distinct from BBR visual artist Mike Anderson.  Mandel then partnered with half the BBR brain trust to form JMI Recordings. It turns out that the Brown Brother not included in JMI is a fan of that label…so far….with qualifications. Point is: Brown Brothers and JMI are sister labels so if you see cross-pollination do not be confused. Or do.  We can’t tell you what to do. But by all means check out the overlapped digital footprints of JMI and Brown Brothers and by all means look out for Steve Wilson’s Sit Back, Relax & Unwind lp out on JMI at a date and time calculated not to interfere in the marketplace with The Co-Op. 

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