Native Son – a Jeremy Pelt Composition exclusively on Brown Brothers Recordings

yes, that LP

Eons ago, on a planet called Man-Hattan – when the sun was hot as Scotch bonnets, a band was formed to realize a project called The CO-OP. A veritable dream-team was assembled : D. Hodge (basses and perhaps keys), W. Gordon (trombone), J. Pelt (trumpet), W. Wolf (mallet percussi

One of the songs recorded during those sessions (held in the big room @ the majestic but now defunct Clinton Recording Studios in Hells Kitchen, Man-Hattan) is titled “Native Son” – a madcap electric circus penned by the estimable Mr. Pelt – with bombastic contributions by Messieurs Hodge, Gordon, Scott and Wolf.

Lo and behold, in sequencing the record – as much as the browns were enamored with this song, it was left on the cutting room floor. …but no longer friends – now you have it – right here to stream unlimited on yer device of choice.

Please sit back, relax and unwind. And turn it up LOUD.

all is full of love,

Blotto West, somewhere over Man-Hattan Fall’19

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Sweet Music for your earholes...

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