Montages of Collages….

Brown Brothers Recordings was formed in 2004 by David “Big Daddy” Elkins and Jeffrey “Jake” Cohn in New York City.  Elkins and Cohn attended Syosset High School together from 1984-86.  Elkins, a top global producer, and Cohn, a criminal defense lawyer, came up with the idea for Gold Sounds one steamy night at Brown  Brothers world headquarters.  The Brown Brothers name itself was an alias Cohn and Elkins used to address a backward ATV rental business in Moab, Utah in 1993 but that story is for aficionados only.  Besides the principals, BBR would not exist without Steve Mandel, a college classmate of Elkins and producer and engineer non-pareil who is quietly having one of the most important music careers since Rudy Van Gelder (RIP).

We hope you enjoy the site, buy Gold Sounds and The Co-Op and tell us how we may improve.  Until then remember-The Brown is coming down!

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