About the Brown Brothers

So what’s there to say ? 2 men hell-bent on some mission, one never defined, set out to create art. Life interrupts nascent success and then poof ! Like dust in the cold wind – it dissipates.

The men go their own way. There are wives and ex-wives. Children. Lovers – both sanctioned and otherwise. And then things fray.

We live the lives we aspire and work towards our own conception of happiness. After that, all is as it is perceived.

8 thoughts on “About the Brown Brothers

    1. These are two great looking dudes! Their love of music & passion to share with other music aficionados speaks for itself. Their last live show was a hit, and wishing them much success as they move forward with their next production! Advice, follow them and see the rest of their stories unfold.
      P.s………they both work full time, this is a passion they share:))


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