We make great music.  We package that music as beautifully as we can and we sell it to you for a reasonable price.  This music will entertain you for as long as you can hear and sustain your soul for as long as you can feel  If you’re not clicking the shop button yet here’s a few events we’ve scheduled to promote our bands and the great musicians we’ve recorded.  Return to this site and this link for updates and more information


January 12-13, 2018

From the Charm City to New York and back again the muscular vibes of Warren Wolf and piano genius of Cyrus Chestnut play together in a rare duo performance at Baltimore brownstone jazz venue An Die Musik.  If you ever wondered what it would have been like to hear Milt Jackson and John Lewis in the 1960s or just flat out love passion and virtuosity then this special event is for you. As if the live manifestation of the best in recently recorded jazz history wasn’t enough, the gigs will carry the further historical weight commemorating the birthdays of Dr. Martin Luther King and Mr. Chestnut himself. The jazz event of 2018 comes early so don’t miss Gold Sounds meets The Co-Op as Cyrus Chestnut and Warren Wolf unite for a show in their hometown. Two sets per night.


January 22-24, 2018 Warren Wolf, brother label J.M.I. Recordings artist Ray Angry and both labels’ chief of sound and renowned engineer/producer/composer Steve Mandel will co-produce 6 sets of music over three nights at the legendary Blue Note club.  All the musicians from our Gold Sounds and The Co-Op plus J.M.I. Lps Steve Wilson Sit Back, Relax & Unwind and Ray Angry One have been invited and in addition to Mssrs. Angry and Wolf confirmed participants include James Carter, Myron Walden, Jeremy Pelt, Ben Williams, Willie Jones III, and Ali Jackson. Tickets not yet on sale but check back here and at



‘There’s lots more about us but we’ll save the rest for now because that’s a lot of information, no?  Oh the slideshow below is of the Brown Brothers founders

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