Wes Montgomery Invades BBR Guitar Week

    BBR jazz guitar week ends at the summit with John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery. Wes started out on 4 string tenor guitar and when he switched to the 6 string version he leapt into jazz history. Lionel Hampton first made Wes popular by exposing him to his big audience. ¬†Wes’ hero was Charlie ChristianContinue reading “Wes Montgomery Invades BBR Guitar Week”

May 11, 2017

Freddie Green is today’s featured guitarist in BBR guitar week. It’s almost impossible to hear Freddie clearly in his many live and studio recordings because he played almost exclusively chords to coordinate with the drums. He made many albums with Basie and particularly excelled and enjoyed big bands, further obscuring his sound. Freddie once said,Continue reading “May 11, 2017”