The Co-Op (2017)


The latest reflection of our id: five of our favorite musicians/composers in a truly egalitarian setting. Each contributed an original song or two and each played at the highest level.

The line-up:
Jeremy Pelt on trumpet, flugelhorn and production;
Wycliffe Gordon on trombone;
Kendrick Scott on drums;
Derrick Hodge on bass and piano;
Warren Wolf, Jr. On vibes, piano and glockenspiel.
Steven Mandel on the board at the now defunct Clinton Recording Studio.

All presented in high-quality tip on packaging with art by Mike Anderson and pressed on German 180 gram vinyl.

Format: LP
Price US: $22.00
Catalog #: BBR-2 LP-1
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Gold Sounds (2005)


The Big Bang of the brown brothers universe. Our first release comprised of Pavement songs deconstructed and reconstructed by sublime quartet of Cyrus Chestnut on keyboards, James Carter on horns, Reginald Veal on bass and Ali Jackson on percussion. Critically adored yet still a cult item. Unfortunately only available on compact disc but with still unique art by Mike Anderson.
Steven Mandel on the board at legendary Electric Lady Studio.

Format: CD
Price US: $10.00
Catalog #: BBR CD-1
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Bardonia (1999)


The answer to the question: what would a music fanatic do with unlimited time at Electric Lady Studios and access to top notch multi-instrumentalists, chief among them Rod Hohl, later of Yarn. A trippy, twisty journey through some rough emotional terrain. A true auteur outing by Steven Mandel.

Format: CD
Price US: $10.00
Catalog #: Engine Ears Records
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