Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio ?

Joe DiMaggio played 13 major league seasons when baseball was not just the national passtime in the USA, but a veritable religion.

Joe D was an all-star during each of those 13 seasons, an MVP thrice, and a legendary woman’s man. He was famously married to Marilyn Monroe at her absolute peak, and was also reported to be well endowed (some guys have EVERYTHING).

Did I mention he also won 9 World Series championships during his tenure ?

In February of 1943, at the age of 28, in his absolute prime, Joe D enlisted in the US army – and tho he never deployed, spent 3 years of his life in service of his country.

Our military industrial complex has evolved over the years – it has eaten everything in its path – and we will never turn back. It is now primarily a high tech venture, and a ruthlessly savage and brutal one to be sure.

And when we think about the commitment that Joe D made back in 1943 and juxtapose that with our indolent and obese society today, one has to laugh, or cry. We’ve come so far, but have slid back to a degree that it’s unlikely we’ll rise back to again.

As a nation we’ve sold out. We’re hanging on. We’ve created vile echo chambers that misinform us and then broadcast that misinformation on “the socials”. We are dumb and getting dumber – with elite artists being ignored unless they’re pushed by the moneyed class. The days of the intellectual as an aspirational protagonist are dead, or dying their last breath.

Know anyone that reads books ? Someone that can sit thru a social encounter or a meal without picking up their phone ? Someone with the restraint to not post their daily rot on those socials ?

Man is weak, and has never been weaker.

Time to pledge strength. Strength in thought and strength in action. It’s within us all – now the journey commences.

– Blotto West, the Bronx, NYC – February 2023

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