On buying your food locally…

the local food craze continues to hit new heights in popularity.  we at brown bros. have been on this bandwagon with fervor, for many, many years.  why you may ask?

heavily processed and fake foods have been around for a while now – they too, have been growing in popularity.  the average American is overweight and a large % of our pop is obese.  exercise for most has gone the way of the dodo, and the sheer addictiveness of even the worst types of foods (fast and processed foods primarily) has made us fat.

these thoughts have been well chronicled over the years, so why are we bothering you with them?  not really sure actually, but next time you have a chance to visit your local farm stand or green market – take it.  take it to the fucking bank.  produce dug by hand with some dirt on it, just harvested fruit, fresh caught and killed animals (sorry for all you vegs out there), crazy ass honey and maple syrup, and so much more.  a cornucopia of perfection.  can you taste the difference? oh 110% you can.

this stuff is expensive as well.  super expensive.  but think about the cost of that $1 food item you can be eating at the fast fooders – how do they kill a chicken, ship it, and then dress it up on a burger, all for $1?  the economics do not work.

some will say that people are living longer than ever, they are indeed.  big pharma can keep us alive despite our best efforts to kill ourselves.  sedentary and obese and smoking them cigs – rolling around in an electric cart, etc.  big pharma’s great talent is to push survival.

here’s to hoping that this post doesn’t come across as too grim.  we really set out to add some green market inspiration to yer day – then wound up spewing bile.  just visit the green market today/tomorrow/this weekend.  shop till you drop.  then drop us a line and tell us how it was.

much love and stay close to the earth y’all,

brown brother universe

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