San Francisco Nites (and Days)

the hippies were here first, or most prominently @ least. They say the spirit now is angst, as extreme wealth and similarly extreme poverty sit uneasily on the same bench. Who’s to say what may come next, but the city is pulsing – big swaths of empty spaces rising up periodically. Good coffee. Always goodContinue reading “San Francisco Nites (and Days)”

Got live if you want it

Live albums are always a dicey proposition. The allure of a concert is that the experience can’t be reproduced. Otherwise why be inconvenienced by travel and interaction with a host of unpleasantness?  However, there are a number of live albums which so successfully capture musicians in rare moments of supreme creativity that they are indispensable.Continue reading “Got live if you want it”

Try to make the magic last

By now anyone paying even the remotest attention here and elsewhere in the Brown Brothers universe knows our predilection for physical over virtual media.  Here’s another entry in that swimming-upstream effort.  Back in 2008 Elvis Costello released a solid-if-unspectacular album called Momofuku.  One gorgeous highlight is the song Flutter and Wow, one of his mostContinue reading “Try to make the magic last”