The Mighty Falls of Niagara

She’s Powerful and Majestic, an eternal reminder of the absolute dominion of Mother Nature over mere mortals like ourselves.  The Falls of Niagara would wipe out the world’s strongest man, annihilate the most powerful army, she takes no prisoners…

For the adventurous traveler, the Falls are not the only highlight of the region; for sure they’re the money shot of the Niagara River, but venture out a bit and find some natural greatness.  The Upper Niagara River looks like some prehistoric perfection, and feeds the falls as it rushes downstream.  The output of the Falls creates the Niagara Whirlpool along the Lower Niagara River.  From the NY side you must visit Whirlpool State Park and observe the unbridled speed and destructive power of the Whirlpool Rapids.  Legend has it that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the “daredevils of the rapids” challenged these raging waters by swimming, riding in barrels and navigating in boats – many paid for their bravado with their lives….

Today’s Niagara Falls tourist scene is decidedly bent towards the Canadian side of the Falls – more touristy, louder, and more obnoxious than the somewhat subdued NY side, it’s still worth a visit to experience the endless kitsch built up around the beautiful Falls, but as always, we recommend exploring deeper than most tourists ultimately do…

Go deep y’all….


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2 thoughts on “The Mighty Falls of Niagara

  1. Love the passion. Writing style could use some streamlining. The random capitalization isn’t cute it’s cloying. “mortals like ourselves”. How about mortals like us? Overall enjoyed the post and the inspiration.


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