Trust us because we trust you.

It has been suggested in the Brown Brothers echo chamber of power that our dated, daily posts don’t attract enough clicks, the lifeblood of website survival.  The author of such titular non-titillation countered that consumers are smart enough to appreciate the daily content with understanding and enjoyment but best of all appreciation that a record label cares enough to consistently inject a shot of diversion into dreary days.  Indeed this struggle, which mirrors the zeitgeist, is another skirmish in the perpetual war of style versus substance. We trust you visitors to this site to think about things like dates-as-titles, songs of the day and their relation to posts’ pics.  We trust you not to pass us by for lack of catchy text titles. In turn we ask you to trust us that we are giving you authentic content from our soul.  Such content is all of a piece and ranges from our products for sale –conveniently linked above and made with a figurative mixture of blood, sweat, tears and passion–to our website posts, to our coming series of “Brown Brothers Presents” live shows.  To paraphrase a Brown Brothers leading lyrical inspiration:

some posts are better than other posts

some months of posts are better than other months of posts

Keep coming back and we will keep trying our best, each and every day.

with love, thought and music,

the Brothers brown.

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