Brown Brothers 2017 Year in Review Part 2

It’s been a year of seismic change on planet Brown Brothers.  The Co-Op lp earned us our second consecutive group of rave reviews after label debut and critically lauded Gold Sounds, live shows were booked, cancelled and viciously fought over and my brother Arvin Suback came on board as my writing colleague for BBR missives. Through it all the label continues to propagate passion like two nymphomaniacs on an ecstasy binge. We saw some great live music this year, with standout sets being a duo perf by BBR fave Aaron Diehl and the Co-Op’s Warren Wolf 1/4/17 at Mezzrow, Gold Sounds’ Cyrus Chestnut with legends Buster Williams and Lenny White on 2/25/17 at Birdland, Roy Hargrove at the Blue Note on 3/23/17, Co-Op drummer Kendrick Scott at the Jazz Standard on 8/30/17 and Co-Op producer/trumpeter Jeremy Pelt at Smoke 12/30/17.

Those brawling Brown Brothers hit the road for a tandem  whirlwind trip to Baltimore in July and separate voyages through the US and Europe.

2018 promises to be a special year where we gather momentum, plan our next project and no doubt hurl some invective along with the great music.

From Arvin, Big Daddy, Jake and all of us at Brown Brothers we want to thank you for riding with us and look forward to picking up new passengers on our musical journey.

–Alan Suback, somewhere over North Carolina. 1/3/18.

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