listen here now ! “Katrina” – an original composition by Warren Wolf

As heard live most recently in duet with Cyrus Chestnut @ An Die Musik in Baltimore on 1/12 & 1/13/18, and then with a bigger band (Warren, Ray Angry, Ben Williams, Willie Jones 3, Myron Walden and Mr. Sean Jones) on the final nite (both sets – 1/24) with the Jazz-Ageddon crew @ the Blue Note NYC – this is a Warren Wolf composition entitled “Katrina” – a riveting story song that the creator has described as “protest jazz”.

The version that you’re listening to (or will be if you hit play) is from The CO-OP LP, recorded back in 2007, but only recently released by Brown Brothers Recordings (and available to purchase on this site on beautifully pressed 180 gram Germanic vinyl).   The CO-OP is Warren Wolf, Wycliffe Gordon, Jeremy Pelt, Derrick Hodge and Kendrick Scott.

We hope you enjoy, and please spread the word…








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