New York Times, New York History

Jazz-Ageddon started out as a hazy idea in Steve Mandel’s apartment in Summer, 2017.  It evolved into one of the most bitterly disputed executions in label history.  But over 3 nights in January 2018 it took on a life of its own.  Thanks to the glue of modern day BBR, the world class vibraphonist Warren Wolf, and many, many others this wily live beast refused to die.  The New York Times highlighted its first-day, first set as one of its monthly selections of standout shows.  Jazz writer extraordinaire Gio Russonnello also singled out My First Mine from our Gold Sounds cd and The Theme (whose title underwent a name-ectomy to The Community Theme Song) from our vinyl lp and digital stream and download The Co-Op as noteworthy.



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