The album is the thing

We come now to compare the joys of owning and listening to records versus attending a live concert.  Apples and oranges for sure but there must be some basis for comparison.  Here goes: a record is a virtually permanent artifact which you can study, replay and learn from for as long as you can hear and see.  Indeed the best records are layered in a way which reveal more with virtually each listen, no matter how many times you’ve heard them before. Their art and text can burrow deep in your mind and you can share them with friends and family virtually at will.  Concerts, while they have the undeniable uniqueness of offering the possibility of once in a lifetime experience, also have the great potential to subject the concertgoer to the wretched masses, the loud talkers, cold weather and just plain impermanence.

For those of you working with budgets which require you to choose very efficiently how to allocate your music spending dollars, think of these considerations.  Now click the “shop” tab above and pick up an album. It will be with you forever.

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