Charmed. I’m Sure…

Over the years, those that follow the boys in Brown have probably gotten used to our shameless self-promotion – well LOOK OUT, because here comes more….

Back in January of 2018, Brown Brothers Promotion (the live arm of BBR) booked a highly successful 2 nite, 4 set engagement featuring Cyrus Chestnut and Warren Wolf – @ An Die Musik in their hometown of Baltimore, Md.

During this fully sold-out engagement, we were able to record both sets on the 2nd nite of those shows. These recordings have been painstakingly edited and mixed – making the release of this album (and an onslaught of live dates) a reality (or at least more than just a dream).

So dear friends – we ask that you sit back, relax and unwind as we move closer to our goal of bringing you something special.

Thanks as always – and don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

With Love,

The Brown Brothers ’22

The Brown Brothers ’22

Published by Brown Brothers Recordings

Sweet Music for your earholes...

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