Brown Brothers 2021 : the (belated) year in review…

Here I am, writing this missive on January 17th, 2022. A day that honors the great Martin Luther King – a man of substance, intelligence and true greatness.

In no uncertain terms, 2021 was a bit of a dud for the boys in Brown. We didn’t record or release any new music – and if that is ultimately what a label is judged on, it was a pop gun of a year.

But, perhaps we should look on the bright side. 2021 saw the Brownies muster the strength (and financial commitment) to mix a live recording by Cyrus Chestnut and Warren Wolf. The recording was made in January of 2018, in Baltimore, MD @ a club called An Die Muzik.

In August, Mr. Ben Kane mixed the record @ his Electric Garden studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn under the watchful eye of Steven B. Mandel. The forthcoming album, tentatively titled “Charmed” is currently in post-production – awaiting both an agreement with the principal Artists, and the wherewithal to master and press the record up to Brown Brothers’ elite standards (we will also be releasing the music digitally).

More to come on this landmark recording – watch this space…

Not much more to say about 2021 – except it was a year full of the typical heartaches, losses, a spare victory or two, and some beautiful, beautiful moments.

We appreciate the support of you – our loyal patrons, and look forward to an excitement filled 2022.

With Love,

The Browns

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