Marshall Allen is 98.

Marshall Allen turned 98 years old this month people. 98 years old. I watched him perform yesterday – on a hot and dry summer day – a real mountain classic of a day – sun and sun – and very few clouds. He led the Sun Ra Arkestra – a band 13 strong – horns everywhere, percussion, guitars and such – and a lovely singer.

This band moved. They moved and they grooved. The maestro – Marshall Allen. The man is 98 – and creating. Ah yes, creating. Why are we all not creating more. Less hate, more love, more creating – we’d kill all wars fast.

Years back, I had this idea that if people across the world were listing to more Joni Mitchell, songs like “Song for Sharon” for example, – there would be less wars, less fighting, less petty bullshit. Just play that song – then play it 100 more times – what does it mean ? and Joni just going – going and going with no pause.

The maestro- doing his thing.

Where is this essay going ? Feel like it’s going nowhere – so let’s pause. Until the next time – love and kisses to you.

-Blotto West, Later May, 2022 – somewhere in the wilds of the mountains…

Marshall Allen is 98, and he’s somewhere on that stage.

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