Who Dat ?

Years back, the New Orleans faithful adopted a chant of “Who Dat” to support their beloved Saints football team. The derivation of that mantra is a source of debate, but it took hold, and soon the entire nation was shouting “Who Dat.” 30 years in they’re still shouting it, albeit with less ferocity, and theContinue reading “Who Dat ?”

Open Up the Window and Let Me Breathe…

How we got Hard

New York Times, New York History

Jazz-Ageddon started out as a hazy idea in Steve Mandel’s apartment in Summer, 2017.  It evolved into one of the most bitterly disputed executions in label history.  But over 3 nights in January 2018 it took on a life of its own.  Thanks to the glue of modern day BBR, the world class vibraphonist WarrenContinue reading “New York Times, New York History”