Grassroots revolution

Outcome determinative. It’s one of the most deadly phrases in the English language. It started in the legal profession as a way for federal courts to decide whether they should show deference to state law in federal cases where state law should control.  But, it has morphed into a way of thinking so pervasive that it has eaten U.S. culture like a plague.  Basically outcome deteminative thinking holds that if something-a product, a politician a life– is not successful it has no worth.  And today’s undisputed cultural metric for success is money.  The notion is so ingrained in our collective American mindset that it’s afficted even the goodly hearted.  As Lou Reed intoned though, “the goodly-hearted made lampshades and soap” so maybe the idea is not so new.  Nevertheless, at least one faction of the Brown Brothers heirarchy is dedicated to starting a movement to defeat outcome-determinism.  By zealously emphasizing process over results we hope to plant and cultivate a grassroots revolution.  It won’t be easy and it may never end, but the fight is self-validating.  Make America Great Again? Absolutely. By tiny increments of separating good from money.

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