Brown Brothers ’17 Year in Review: Part 1

Art Stunt or art-stunt or artstunt or finally, ArtStunt

In the early Spring of ’17, the Brown Brothers, in association with their visual artist extraordinaire, Mr. Michael Anderson, created an art-stunt in celebration of the release of the label’s 2nd project – The CO-OP.

The project was spurred by Anderson, when on a creative sojourn to Brooklyn with the Brown Bros., they discovered the empty shell of a building just at the BK side of the Williamsburg Bridge.  Anderson mused that they should cover the windows with art from the CO-OP LP….

Fast forward a few months, and the project came to fruition after the team hunted down the building owner and struck a deal for this installation. The work was arduous (all done by Anderson, save some comic relief and the purchase of copious amounts of cold beer) as the early July heat was intense.  After several hours, the building was encrusted in shades of CO-OP, and the team retired to Peter Lugers (just 20 or so yards away) for a celebratory dinner consisting of Shrimp, Tomato and Onion, well-done Slab Bacon, heady plates of medium-rare Porterhouse, Spinach (both creamed and sauteed) and some well-done germanic Home Fries.

Thanks for tuning in to this story – the 1st in what promises to be some serious, serious fun for you all as we head towards the end of ’17.

Wishing you Glad Tidings from NYC,

Arvin Suback (of the battling Suback brothers)

Art Stunt or art-stunt or artstunt or finally, ArtStunt
Brooklyn USA Summer ’17


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2 thoughts on “Brown Brothers ’17 Year in Review: Part 1

  1. love this post with two minor criticisms: 1) Manderson didn’t “spur” the installation –the idea of covering a public facing space w co op art originated elsewhere though Manderson selected optimum locale; and 2) Germanic, as they deserve their capitalization. When the Brothers are united there’s nothing they can’t do and have fun doing. Keep em coming Arvin.


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