Open Up the Window and Let Me Breathe…

We think about things here @ Brown Bros. Industries – a lot of things. Like why are some of the great Artists of our time (seemingly) destined to be heard by so few ? Those that have trained and accomplished like the most elite athletes who are lionized by billions – toil in relative anonymity creating @ the highest level.

Well we couldn’t feel more strongly that this situation needs to be rectified with all our hearts and souls. That is why we think, think some more, and then create a plan that endeavors to succeed.

We appreciate the long-time loyalty that many of you have shown us and take yer trust and engagement very seriously.

We heartily look forward to blowin’ yer mind.

Blotto West, Chief Compliance Officer and Brown Brother #1

We’re as Hard, as Hard as nails …

Published by Brown Brothers Recordings

Sweet Music for your earholes...

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