5-4 = Unity

5-4 = Unity : James Carter, Cyrus Chestnut, Ali Jackson and Reginald “Swingdoom” Veal take on Pavement, Dave Brubeck, and the world…

Way back in another lifetime, one of toil and blood… So there they were, young and bold – sitting behind the console @ Electric Lady Studio B – less cares, responsibilities and pains; watching 4 Men create something beautiful, inspired by something beautiful – making it their own, making it the world’s to hear.

This is 5-4 = Unity, performed by James Carter, Cyrus Chestnut, Ali Jackson and Reginald “Swingdoom” Veal, a track nominally written by Stephen Malkmus, but really a riff on Dave Brubeck’s seductive and legendary smash-hit “Take Five” (from 1959’s Time Out).

Pavement’s 5-4 was released in 1994 on the profound “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” – an album cut that exposed the band’s creativity and artful-sloppiness. Fast forwarding a decade, the then Principals of BBR, LLC. were brainstorming an album of Pavement covers – recorded by elite Jazzers of the day – what you are about to hear was part of the fruitful bounty of those dreams.

This is 5-4 = Unity, a track recorded by @StevenMandel during the illustrious Gold Sounds sessions @ the mighty, mighty Electric Lady Studios. This one did not make the release of that scorching record, but was played live by the band several times during a busy touring schedule in support of the album.

So now, sit back, relax and unwind – have a listen to a freaked out version of 5-4 = Unity by the Gold Sounds Quartet….

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