Listen Here Now: “Community Theme Song” by Wycliffe Gordon

This is an original composition by Wycliffe Gordon entitled “Community Theme Song” off of The CO-OP LP (2017) – available on super-fly heavyweight and limited edition vinyl – only from the Brown Bros.

Brown Brothers ’17 Year in Review: Part 1

In the early Spring of ’17, the Brown Brothers, in association with their visual artist extraordinaire, Mr. Michael Anderson, created an art-stunt in celebration of the release of the label’s 2nd project – The CO-OP. The project was spurred by Anderson, when on a creative sojourn to Brooklyn with the Brown Bros., they discovered theContinue reading “Brown Brothers ’17 Year in Review: Part 1”

Who Killed Davey Moore?

9/13/17 Ultiminio “Sugar” Ramos died last week. Ramos was a world-championship featherweight boxer active in the 50’s and 60’s who started his professional career at the age of 15. He was born and then raised dirt-poor in Matanzas, Cuba in the 1940’s. Ramos stood just shy of 5 feet 5 inches, but he hit asContinue reading “Who Killed Davey Moore?”

The Mighty Falls of Niagara

She’s Powerful and Majestic, an eternal reminder of the absolute dominion of Mother Nature over mere mortals like ourselves.  The Falls of Niagara would wipe out the world’s strongest man, annihilate the most powerful army, she takes no prisoners… For the adventurous traveler, the Falls are not the only highlight of the region; for sure they’re theContinue reading “The Mighty Falls of Niagara”

listen now: Native Son – composed by J. Pelt, performed by The CO-OP Quintet

An incredible (we think) composition by Jeremy Pelt, and an all-out aural assault by the brilliant CO-OP quintet.  Native Son is a track that should have made the LP, but didn’t.  We’re still not sure why it didn’t, but either way, here it is in all it’s electric glory – please gorge on it asContinue reading “listen now: Native Son – composed by J. Pelt, performed by The CO-OP Quintet”

On buying your food locally…

the local food craze continues to hit new heights in popularity.  we at brown bros. have been on this bandwagon with fervor, for many, many years.  why you may ask? heavily processed and fake foods have been around for a while now – they too, have been growing in popularity.  the average American is overweight andContinue reading “On buying your food locally…”