Wes Montgomery Invades BBR Guitar Week

    BBR jazz guitar week ends at the summit with John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery. Wes started out on 4 string tenor guitar and when he switched to the 6 string version he leapt into jazz history. Lionel Hampton first made Wes popular by exposing him to his big audience.  Wes’ hero was Charlie ChristianContinue reading “Wes Montgomery Invades BBR Guitar Week”

The Greatest Band in Rock History – THE BAND!

The 5 members of The Band:  Rick Danko (bass and vocals), Robbie Robertson (guitar), Levon Helm (drums and vocals), Richard Manuel (Keys and Vocals) and Garth Hudson (Keys) represent the absolute pinnacle of Rock and Roll Music. Initially coming together as the backing band for howlin’ Ronnie Hawkins in the early 60’s, they called themselvesContinue reading “The Greatest Band in Rock History – THE BAND!”

Peter Tosh – Don’t you watch his size, he’s dangerous…

What a complicated life Peter Tosh lived.  Equal parts mega-success and huge disappointment, but ultimately  downright tragic.  Tosh is a legend that history does not quite know how to evaluate. Born Winston McIntosh in Westmoreland (the western most parish of Jamaica), and a founding member of The Wailers with Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston, the man is a foundationalContinue reading “Peter Tosh – Don’t you watch his size, he’s dangerous…”

Who was Gustav Vigeland ?

Gustav Vigeland was one of the greatest and most prolific sculptors of all-time.  The Norwegian did most of his work in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and was the driving force behind one of the most beautiful parks you’ll ever have the good fortune to visit, Vigeland Park in Oslo : http://www.vigeland.museum.no/en/vigeland-park WasContinue reading “Who was Gustav Vigeland ?”

MLK ’17 – Brown Bros. in Action…

Doings of the Brown Brothers….. Academy Records NYC – 12th st. – among the crates…. Brown Bros #1 digging thru the crates @ Academy 12th st. The Modern Jazz Quartet- an obsession of the uptown Brown Bro these days… another look at today’s purchases – it’s an MJQ world….     Day started in LexingtonContinue reading “MLK ’17 – Brown Bros. in Action…”